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Penny stocks have managed to create enormous wealth for thousands of investors over time. Based on that it’s no wonder how investors are almost always on the lookout for cheap stocks with potential. The famous saying goes, “buy low and sell high,” and when it comes to low priced stocks, that couldn’t be truer. But this doesn’t mean it’s an easy process to find the best penny stocks to buy. In fact, it’s likely true that more work goes into finding good penny stocks than “ok” blue-chip stocks.

One of the most popular ways of identifying the next big penny stocks is by identifying the latest moves in the market. Look at things like recent news or updated filings. I can’t stress enough the importance of researching companies beyond the headlines you see on mainstream media sites.

Sometimes what may be a “simple” disclosure statement can give deep insight into a company’s core business path. Once you do this research and look under every rock you can, it’s up to you to determine if its a company to add to your penny stocks watch list. In the 4th quarter, some penny stocks have managed to make significant moves. Here is a look at two of those.

Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now #1: Plug Power (PLUG)

penny stocks to buy sell Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)

The first penny stock to watch is Plug Power Inc (PLUG Stock Report). The fuel cell company has been on an excellent run in November so far. We pointed this out in our article on Wednesday, “3 Penny Stocks Making New 52-Week Highs; What’s Next? PLUG stock has gained as much as 37% within the last week. However, it remains to be seen how the penny stock reacts on Thursday.

Even though Plug failed to meet expectations when it came to revenues, investors remained confident after recent earnings results. Market analysts had projected that Plug Power was going to generate $59.2 million in revenues in the third quarter, but the company could only deliver $56.4 million. Analysts had hoped that the company would be able to meet expectations in order to be in with a chance of meeting the full-year target.

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Nonetheless, PLUG stock has tagged fresh 2019 highs on Thursday morning before the opening bell. In fact, Plug hasn’t seen levels this high since December of 2014. With more attention on the company what comes next? Analysts at Roth Capital expect the momentum to continue. In a recent update, the firm amended its price target from $3 to $6.

 Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now #2 COMSCORE (SCOR)

list of penny stocks comScore Inc. (SCOR)

The other penny stock that has managed to record significant gains in November is COMSCORE, Inc. (SCOR Stock Report). Earlier on in November, the company released its third-quarter financial results and recorded loss per share of $0.16. That proved to be significantly lower than the analysts’ estimate of $0.45 a share.

The performance managed to surprise the markets somewhat as the consensus estimate was beaten by 64.44%. Since then SCOR stock has climbed by as much as 70% this month.

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The company also made a change in its top management this month. The former Vice Chairman of ComScore Bill Livek was made the CEO of the company back on November 6. We discussed the specifics of this move in our article, “3 Penny Stocks Soaring This Week: Time to Buy Or Sell?

Since then, SCOR has rallied to highs of over $4.20 this week. Additionally, since the start of the 4th quarter, the stock has jumped as much as 154% after this week’s high (so far).

How Do I Buy Penny Stocks?

If you think penny stocks are right for you, then you’ll want to know how to buy them, right? To buy penny stocks is pretty simple. You start with finding one of the top penny stock brokers online. There are other brokers you can hire and call directly, but for executing trades, most would agree the online or “self-directed” option is best for trading penny stocks.

There are plenty of brokers to choose from. Some of the popular platforms include E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, and even Robinhood traders buy penny stocks. Some things to pay attention to include the features you get access to with each platform. You’ll also want to take fees into account. Since Robinhood came into the picture, it has shaken up the space. Its “no fee” model has caused a ripple effect and now others are following suit.

Penny Stocks For Beginners

After you’ve gotten set up with the right broker and assuming you’ve educated yourself on penny stocks, it’s time to place trades. One thing to consider is real money trading versus paper trading. Some platforms like TD Ameritrade’s ThinkOrSwim allow users to choose between the two. Why would you want to paper trade? Simply put, you have zero risks.

That’s right, paper trading gives you the ability to trade without losing any money. You won’t make money either but it gives you an opportunity to hone your craft and practice your strategy. But if you’re ready to use real money, buying penny stocks is as easy as looking up a symbol, choosing the number of shares, and clicking/tapping the “buy” button.

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