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Trading penny stocks can be a difficult task at times due to the uncertainty and volatility surrounding them. However, if picking the right penny stocks to buy can bear fruit quickly. It may take years to see 50% or more from blue-chip stocks like Apple or Facebook. Penny stocks, however, can run over 100% within a matter of days.

technology penny stocks to watch

Some of the best penny stocks to buy come from the technology sector. This is due to the fact that technology products can quickly take off and change society as a whole. Honestly, if you’re reading this article right now, you’ve benefited from new technological advances.

When you scour the technology sector as a whole you see companies like Twitter and Amazon. They did exactly what I said earlier, produced a technology that reshaped the world. Amazon changed the way consumers shop and Apple changed the fundamental way we communicate. But that’s the great thing about technology, it can impact any aspect of life, making it so versatile.

One such impact that technology is most likely going to affect is the security industry. Many companies are on the path to solving security issues that plague all corners of the globe. Here are 3 tech penny stocks looking to revolutionize the way the world views security:

Weapons Detection Penny Stocks To Watch #1: Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (TSX:SCAN.V) (OTC:LDDFF)

weapons detection penny stocks Liberty Defense Holdings (SCAN)(LDDFF)

With rising global tensions and increased mass shootings, public safety and security concerns are in the spotlight. Companies like Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. (SCAN Stock Report) (LDDFF) are trying to make products that can address those growing concerns. This is a technology company responsible for creating HEXWAVE, a revolutionary security product. HEXWAVE is specifically designed to prevent and solve problems like mass shootings or bombing incidents.

The product is a real-time detection technology. It can quickly scan through bags or other hidden areas to identify security threats. Whether or not these threats are metallic or non-metallic, they are not getting through HEXWAVE’s 3D scanning. In addition, HEXWAVE is capable of AI deep learning which will allow it to have more advanced threat detection capabilities. The best part is that it also respects bystander’s personal information and does not record or store it.

Recently, Liberty Defense announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with the Maryland Stadium Authority. This will allow HEXWAVE to be further tested in real situations with large numbers of people. It is expected that be used in Camden Yards in early 2020. This adds to Liberty’s list of testing sites including places in Utah, Sleiman shopping centers, and Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena.

“It’s important for us to ensure, not only a great experience for our guests but also a safe and secure experience as well. HEXWAVE is an exciting new innovation that provides an answer to the security challenges we face today. We are pleased to be able to test this exciting new technology at our property.”

Vernon J. Conaway, Jr., VP, Safety and Security, Maryland Stadium Authority.

What To Watch For

Two weeks ago, Liberty Defense announced it is being covered by Laurentian Bank Securities. Given everything the company has done up to this point, the analysis for Liberty could be very strong. The company has recently completed its HEXWAVE prototype so it can finally be tested and improved upon.

Also, Liberty continues to grow. It recently added new testing sites like the Maryland Stadium Authority. It is a unit of state government that owns and manages the sporting venues at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

Weapons Detection Penny Stocks To Watch #2: Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PAT.TO) (PTOTF)

weapons detection penny stocks Patriot One Technologies (PAT)(PTOTF)

Another company looking to combat public security concerns is Patriot One Technologies Inc. (PAT Stock Report) (PTOTF). The company focuses on weapons detection and has developed a product called PATSCAN CMR. The product’s main target is to deter, detect, and defend against active shooter incidents.

Patriot One Technologies has begun to grow its market potential. The company recently announced that it was selected to be Bleutech Park Las Vegas’ security technology partner.

Bleutech Park Las Vegas is expected to be a $7.5 billion project to create a smart, connected, and safe city. Patriot One’s PATSCAN CMR product could be the key to achieving safety in Bleutech Park Las Vegas.

What To Watch For

Patriot One Technologies has been acquiring tech companies, most recently acquiring XTRACT. The goal of the company is to acquire leading-edge technologies to enhance PATSCAN. It will be interesting to see the company’s future acquisitions and how it betters Patriot’s PATSCAN. 

Weapons Detection Penny Stocks To Watch #3: VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (VSBY.CN) (VSBGF)

weapons detection penny stocks VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (VSBY.CN) (VSGBF)

The final technology company is called VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (VSBY Stock Report) (VSBGF) and it has multiple products. One technology product it has is the VSBLTY Vector.

It is a system that has the capability of facial recognition and weapon detection through AI and machine learning. Additionally, its DataCaptor product records demographic information and sentiment to improve a company’s marketing capabilities.

The company recently announced that it has closed 2nd tranche of a brokered private placement. The private placement consisted of $1000 principal amount 10% convertible debentures. As a result of the private placement, the company obtained gross proceeds of $1,857,120. The company has also announced that it was selected to be Seneca’s leading visual media product solutions vendor.

What To Watch For

Most will likely look for VSBLTY to fully utilize the recently acquired proceeds. Additionally, they’ll want to know how the funds will enhance product development. The company also plans on using it to make future acquisitions and for working capital purposes. Depending on the acquisitions, the company could see a great benefit from these proceeds.

best penny stocks to watch technology
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