One of the biggest opportunities in the history of the stock market is staring investors right in the face but many still haven’t realized it. While the Gilead’s and Merck’s of the world race to find a cure for coronavirus, other companies are positioning for a much longer-term opportunity to capitalize.

Considering the fact that only a handful of the hundreds of companies looking to bring a vaccine to the market first, will actually succeed, the real opportunity for investors could be in a “pick and shovel” approach.

Micron Waste Technologies Inc. (CSE: MWM)
(Frankfurt: 7FM2)
Could Be In Position To Delivery An Immediate Opportunity

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The COVID-19 pandemic has seen countless industries shutting down, major economic fallout, and financial turmoil like we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. While the major crises like that & the 2008 financial meltdown left a long road of destruction, some of the biggest opportunities were created for investors. But these opportunities weren’t broadcast in headlines, they were found by smart research. This is where REAL WEALTH is created.

The Pick & Shovel Opportunity Has Consistently Paid Investors Handsomely

When you hear about “pick and shovel” opportunities, it focuses on the “supporting cast” for an industry. Coined during the early North American gold rush, those selling the picks and shovels made far more money than the ones using these tools to find gold. While only a few, actually struck gold, the picks and shovels being sold created some of the biggest wealth of that era.

More recently, we saw the “pick and shovel” opportunity during the bitcoin crazy. While only a select few groups struck it rich, those selling the mining units, power supplies, and server space profited even if their customers didn’t make money in crypto.

The cannabis industry has seen waves of pick and shovel opportunities in the companies selling the vape pens, extraction units, and fertilizers used to grow cannabis & hemp. Examples of these kinds of opportunities are seemingly endless. But now, a new opportunity has come about that could far outlast these other opportunities by leaps and bounds.

A True Pick & Shovel Opportunity For Coronavirus Stocks:

Micron Waste Technologies Logo

(Frankfurt: 7FM2)

Some of the biggest windfalls have come in the last 4 months as the coronavirus has ravaged the economy. While the first big money was made from vaccine development companies, the next opportunity has started to materialize.  With Gilead already hot on the trail of a potential vaccine, eyes are refocusing on how to make money off of COVID-19 after state-wide lock-downs end, and people begin interacting once again.

What do I mean by this? Even if there’s a vaccine, social distancing and precautionary measures are still going to be taken very seriously considering the lasting effect of coronavirus. This could present a major opportunity for companies manufacturing and selling personal medical protective equipment. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging manufacturers of personal protective equipment globally to increase the production on an immediate basis. This has some investors starting to see a massive opportunity right now.

As the top investors know, the smart money is the early money. Spotting trends first has been an important key to true creation of wealth. Considering that the attention is still on vaccines, there is a window of opportunity being presented right now before the masses start looking for the next coronavirus niche.

Micron Waste Technologies (CSE: MWM)(Frankfurt: 7FM2)’s strengths come in multiple forms. First, it is a well-funded technology company with over $3M in working capital. Second, Micron has extensive manufacturing capabilities. While its initial model is aimed at developing waste digesters, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new opportunity to leverage its capabilities. The company looks to begin production of critical Personal Protective Equipment

A Huge Opportunity For In 2020

The company’s subsidiary, Micron Technologies is dedicated to the manufacture of personal protective equipment in response to the current coronavirus pandemic. In this time of crisis, Micron Technologies is answering the call, bringing manufacturing capacity and experience to deliver needed personal protective equipment to the groups that desperately need them, both now and in the future.

It’s the second part of this that matters the most. With the future outlook of our daily lives likely involving the use of personal protective equipment in addition to the constant demand from healthcare organizations, Micron Technologies could be positioned to deliver on this demand.

And right now, while most investors are still looking for the next vaccine company that will likely fall by the wayside after a company like Gilead comes out with a solution, those looking at Micron Waste are seeing it on the verge of key developments that could far outlast the “vaccine trend”.

North American Manufacturing & Distribution

While companies are falling over themselves trying to source PPE from places like China, Micron is advancing its platform and bringing more in-house. In Q3 of 2020, its wholly-owned subsidiary, Micron Technologies Inc. has received and installed its 3-ply mask-manufacturing machine and associated equipment.

The Company, through Micron Technologies, will manufacture face masks pursuant to its Medical Device Establishment License – MDEL – from Health Canada; a major milestone for Micron. The MDEL permits Micron Technologies to manufacture Class I products, which include face masks, at the Company’s facility in Delta, British Columbia. The MDEL is issued by the Minister of Health in accordance with the Medical Device Regulations of the Food and Drugs Act.

The Company has also received its N95 mask-manufacturing machine and expects production to begin in early October. Micron even plans to send N95 mask samples to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for certification to be able to sell medical grade N95 masks.

Why Micron Waste Technologies (CSE: MWM)(Frankfurt: 7FM2)

  1. During major market events, it has historically been the “pick and shovel” companies that have succeeded the most. Right now the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged all manufacturers of personal protective equipment globally to increase the production near-instantaneously.

  2. Micron Waste Technologies (CSE: MWM) (Frankfurt: 7FM2) is on the verge of a expanding its offering to include North American manufactured PPE and plans to seek NIOSH certification for medical grade N95 masks.

  3. Micron Technologies’ advanced manufacturing facility is only one year old and in a prime location close to shipping facilities, both by rail and by air, allowing it to deploy solutions quickly to clients across the country.

  4. The company’s cash position allows it the luxury to navigate new opportunities and take advantage of emerging trends immediately.

  5. With coronavirus vaccines not likely to be immediate, the obvious need for personal protective products has become a bigger focus & Micron Waste Technologies (CSE: MWM) (Frankfurt: 7FM2) could present a true “pick and shovel” opportunity for coronavirus. Low supply and high demand create a prime economic situation for companies to capitalize on.
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