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Best Penny Stocks To Buy? 5 With Big News This Week

Penny stocks to watch with big news this week.

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Are you searching for some of the best penny stocks to buy now? I’m sure that if you’re reading this article, that’s something at the top of your mind. But there’s more to it than just hunting for today’s top movers. Are you day trading? Are you swing trading? Has long-term investing in penny stocks become a recent focus?

No matter which style of strategy you’re using, it’s essential to understand that risk and reward play an important role when we’re talking about penny stocks or stocks under $5. That’s thanks, in part, to the inherent volatility in this niche of stocks. Due to their low prices alone, even the slightest price change can equate to a significant percentage fluctuation.

Yesterday we discussed penny stocks under $1. That subset of stocks in this niche can see a percentage change of 50% or more from just a drop of 50 cents or less. The same can’t be said for large company stocks like Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) or Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Regardless, the focus today is on cheap stocks, what’s happening in the stock market today, and if there are any potential opportunities to capitalize on. So where should you begin?

The first step in finding the best penny stocks to buy is formulating a watch list. Some traders will focus strictly on technical analysis and momentum.

High- and unusual-volume stocks are likely a point of interest. Others will look for something more fundamentally based, like company filings or corporate milestones.

Today’s article looks at a list of penny stocks with big news this week. We dive into the details of these announcements and identify any upcoming events that could act as potential catalysts. You can then decide whether these are the best penny stocks to watch this week.

Hot Penny Stocks Today

Hyzon Motors (HYZN)

Hyzon Motors is a supplier of zero-emission heavy-duty fuel cell electric vehicles. The company offers solutions in the transportation sector. Shares of HYZN stock slowly climbed back since reaching fresh 52-week lows last month. The drop came as Hyzon transitioned some of its leadership team, including its CEO and certain Board members.

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HYZN Stock News

This week HYZN stock caught a stronger surge of bullish sentiment thanks to a recent deal with Performance Food Group (NYSE: PFGC). The two agreed to five fuel-cell electric vehicles.

Commenting on the milestone, Hyzon’s chief executive officer Parker Meeks said, “This agreement for up to 50 hydrogen-powered trucks demonstrates how Hyzon intends to build customer familiarity with a new technology as the hydrogen infrastructure accelerates.”

TuSimple Holdings Inc. (TSP)

Another one of the automotive tech stocks to watch this week after the news is TuSimple. The company builds autonomous driving technology platforms. It focuses on the automotive industry’s commercial portion and provides fully autonomous deriving solutions for long-haul heavy-duty trucks.

TSP Stock News

This week TuSimple announced that its autonomous trucks began testing in Japan. As of March, the company’s trucks have logged more than 10 million cumulative miles through testing, research, and freight delivery. Thanks to the driver shortage in Japan, TuSimple aims to tackle this problem head-on and could be a “promising solution,” accounting to CEO Cheng Lu.

eFFECTOR Therapeutics (EFTR)

We discussed eFFECTOR about a week ago in the article Stock Market Today: New Penny Stocks Trends & 3 To Watch This Week. One of the main highlights and why EFTR stock was on traders’ radars originated from a recently closed financing round. The cancer treatment company has been in the spotlight since the end of April after presenting positive data updates from Phase 2 expansion cohorts.

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These evaluated its zotatifin in breast cancer patients. The findings showed that 5 of 19 patients treated demonstrated a partial response when combined with fulvestrant and abemaciclib. A partial response was also observed in 1 of 3 patients treated with zotatifin combined with fulvestrant.

EFTR Stock News

This week more funding news was announced, which seems to have been received relatively well by the stock market today. eFFECTOR announced an $8.7 million round priced at$1.125 per share. The offering is anticipated to close on June 8th, with proceeds intended for working capital, including funding R&D.

Seres Therapeutics (MCRB)

Another one of the biotech penny stocks to watch after news this week is Seres Therapeutics. The company specializes in microbiome treatments for serious diseases. Its lead program VOWST aims to percent the recurrence of C. difficile infection and was granted FDA approval in the US this past April.

MCRB Stock News

This week, VOWST is back in the news. Seres and Nestlé Health Science announced the commercial availability in the U.S. Greg Behar, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Health Science, commented, “Since the approval of VOWST, our teams have engaged with healthcare professionals and are committed to facilitating patient access.”

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Freight Technologies (FRGT)

Logistics technology company Freight Technologies saw some signs of recovery in the market for the first time in weeks. Shares have been in a slump since the company announced Q1 earnings. The maker of the Fr8App, a freight-matching platform powered by AI, has released news that sparked some bullishness in the stock market today.

FRGT Stock News

This week the company announced a new link up with Samsara, which is the maker of Connected Operations Cloud. Fr8App customers can now use insights from Samsara’s technology to optimize logistics operations and ensure delivery timeliness.

Javier Selgas, CEO of Fr8Tech, said: “With each new integration, Fr8App solidifies its position as the most connected and integrable platform for cross-border shipping in the North American continent.”

List Of Penny Stocks

  1. Hyzon Motors (NASDAQ: HYZN)
  2. TuSimple Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: TSP)
  3. eFFECTOR Therapeutics (NASDAQ: EFTR)
  4. Seres Therapeutics (NASDAQ: MCRB)
  5. Freight Technologies (NASDAQ: FRGT)

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