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Energy Penny Stocks Are Exploding Today & These Small Caps Are Leading The Charge

Oil and gas energy penny stocks to watch right now.

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Thursday’s late-breaking session saw small-cap oil and gas stocks explode. Energy stocks have remained hot amid global tensions stemming from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Traders continue digesting supply and demand news within the sector as sanctions have put a stranglehold on global output. With this, there’s been a massive uptick in interest for oil and gas penny stocks. There are also other small-cap companies gaining ground heading into the long weekend.

Small-Cap Energy Stocks To Watch:

Leading the charge right now include popular Reddit stocks like Indonesia Energy (NYSEAMERICAN: INDO), which hit traders’ scans in February reeling from under $5 to highs of $86.99  thanks to a massive short squeeze.

Imperial Petroleum (NASDAQ: IMPP) shares jumped over 12% during Thursday’s session while other energy penny stocks also jumpe. Camber Energy (NYSEAMERICAN: CEI), for example, regained interest from retail traders. Late last year, Camber exploded to highs of $4.85 from levels in the 30-cent range as speculation and immense social sentiment helped spark a rally.

Houston American Energy (NYSEAMERICAN: HUSA), US Well Services Inc. (NASDAQ: USWS), Hallador Energy Co. (NASDAQ: HNRG), Nine Energy Service Inc. (NYSE: NINE), Enservco Corp. (NYSEAMERICAN: ENSV), US Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: USEG), PHX Minerals Inc. (NYSE: PHX), and NextDeade Corporation (NASDAQ: NEXT) were also among the red hot energy stocks to watch late in the April 14th session.

Why Are Energy Stocks Up Today?

More global headlines have also contributed to the surge in energy speculation. Officials in Europe are said to be drafting a measure to embargo Russian oil products. This could pose a costly endeavor and increase energy prices altogether. Oil futures finished higher on the potential of an EU ban but surely, investors will be focused on weekend news for more clarity for what this means for the start of next week. The post-holiday sessions ahead are also full of new earnings reports that will also get digested by the market. For now, as the global energy price crunch continues, retail traders, for now, are taking this as a sign to pile into small-cap energy stocks today.

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