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Reopening Penny Stocks to Buy in September? 3 to Watch

Which reopening penny stocks are on your September watchlist?

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3 Reopening Penny Stocks to Watch Next Month 

As the last week of August gets off to a bullish start for penny stocks, there are plenty that investors are watching right now. And right now, penny stocks investors are heavily focused on small-caps that could benefit from reopening. 

While the U.S. is reopened, for the most part, there are still many restrictions keeping us from going back to normal life. And, as we inch toward pre-pandemic norms, there are plenty of penny stocks that could have value along the way. These companies are aptly referred to as reopening penny stocks, which include a long list of industries. 

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Another factor aiding in this today is the approval of the Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) Covid vaccine. This is the first of all the Covid vaccines to receive full FDA approval, and many believe it could spark a wave for the other major vaccine candidates still in EUA. As a result, many investors are searching for the best penny stocks to buy that could benefit. And while it may seem difficult, with the right research at hand, finding potentially valuable penny stocks can be much easier than previously imagined. 

One thing to keep in mind is that traders should work to stay as up-to-date as possible with all the latest news. This means researching and discovering which stocks could benefit given the current conditions regarding Covid. Considering all of this, let’s take a look at three reopening penny stocks to watch right now. 

3 Reopening Penny Stocks For Your September Watchlist 

  1. DatChat Inc. (NASDAQ: DATS
  3. Meta Materials Inc. (NASDAQ: MMAT

DatChat Inc. (NASDAQ: DATS) 

DatChat Inc. is a tech penny stock that is continuing to climb in many recent trading sessions. In the past five days, shares of DATS stock have shot up by over 87% and in the past month, by over 104%. While DATS is technically no longer a penny stock at almost $7 per share, it was only a few days ago.

For some context, this company creates communications software, such as mobile messaging applications. Its DatChat Messenger allows users to communicate with privacy and protection. DatChat is also developing a blockchain-based communications platform allowing consumers and businesses to connect with each other.

On August 17th, DatChat announced the closing of a $12 million initial public offering. This IPO was announced for a total of 2,891,567 shares of common stock. Since its IPO, DATS stock has increased substantially in both popularity and investor attention. On August 19th alone, DATS stock increased by over 21% and then again, today, by over 12% at midday. DATS volume in the market is more than 5 times its average at the moment as well. 

The pandemic has resulted in a large emphasis on tech penny stocks, as people continue to work from home and educate from home. And, as a communications software provider, DATS has a lot to offer investors. Keeping this in mind, will DATS make your list of penny stocks to watch in August?


BIOLASE Inc. is a biotech penny stock that we have covered numerous times throughout the pandemic. And today, shares of BIOL stock pushed up by as much as 12% during midday trading. If you’re unfamiliar with BIOLASE, it is a producer of medical devices working in the dental industry. 

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This includes laser devices which the company holds over 271 patented and 40 patent-pending technologies. To date, BIOLASE has sold over 41,200 laser systems across 80 countries globally, making it a leader in this unique area of the industry. Last week, BIOLASE announced the appointment of three new board members with a sizable amount of experience in the dental industry. 

“As we embark on an aggressive growth strategy. I am pleased to welcome the new Board members as their extensive experience in dental practice, translational and clinical research, and dental education will be extremely helpful as we continue to execute on the BIOLASE business plan.” 

The Chairman of the Board at BIOLASE, Jonathan Lord, M.D.

The addition of board members is always a major positive for investors to consider. It allows for continued progress and new goals to be achieved. In addition, BIOLASE has managed to benefit off of dental procedures beginning to occur at pre-covid levels. Considering its rapid growth in the past 12 months of over 110%, BIOL stock could be worth keeping an eye on right now. 

Meta Materials Inc. (NASDAQ: MMAT) 

Another big gainer of the day so far is Meta Materials Inc. By midday, shares of MMAT stock had shot up by over 14% to just under $3.30 per share. This brings its YTD gain to over 130% and its twelve-month gain to over 420% which is quite a staggering rise. Only a few weeks ago, Meta Materials announced its Q2 2021 financial results. 

In the results, its revenue grew by almost 200% to $624,320 over the same quarter of the previous year. In addition to this, it ended the quarter with over $154 million in cash on hand. Meta Materials is a company that works in several unique industries. Overall, it is a producer of high functioning materials that utilize its technology platform. These materials are used in everything from consumer electronics and 5G to health, wellness, aerospace, and automotive. 

Because of its broad scope, it’s obvious that MMAT has a lot to benefit from economic reopening in the U.S. And, with its recent appointment of several scientists to its new Scientific Advisory Board, Meta Materials is working hard to continue growing right now. So, with all of this exciting information in mind, will MMAT stock make your penny stocks watchlist in September?

Are Reopening Penny Stocks Worth Buying in September?

With a new month only a week or so away, investors continue to search for the best penny stocks to buy. Although Covid cases are still rising in the U.S. and abroad, many traders are working to benefit from the potential of medium and longer-term reopening.

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It’s clear that the timeline is relatively unknown for when Covid will come to an end, but in the meantime, there are plenty of penny stocks showing value right now. With all of this in mind, are reopening penny stocks worth buying in September?

By J Dylan

J. Dylan is a Miami-based financial writer with years in the industry. He enjoys surfing in his free time and spending time with his dog. Josh grew up in California and has been covering different financial sectors for the past five years. His specialty is in penny stocks, tech, cannabis, and biotech.

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