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Could Penny Stocks Skyrocket On Bezos’ Blue Origin Space Launch?

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Launches To Space Today: Penny Stocks To Watch

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Tuesday marks the maiden voyage for Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin rocket. The launch into space is scheduled for 9 AM Eastern time. The company is set to begin covering the launch at 7:30 AM on its YouTube page.

Who Will Be On The Blue Origin Rocket Launch?

This will be the first spaceflight for Blue Origin, which will carry founder Jeff Bezos, brother Mark, aviation pioneer Wally Funk & the son of Somerset Capital Partners CEO (Joes Daemen), Oliver Daemen. This is the latest in a string of billionaire space tourism launches. Earlier this month, Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE) founder Sir Richard Branson became the first space billionaire. Branson’s own maiden voyage marked the official launch of space tourism. Clearly, it isn’t the last.

Is The Blue Origin Rocket Launch Good For Stocks?

With companies like Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic marking the dawn of a new era for space tourism, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the stock market today. Everything from semi-conductor stocks, rare earth metals, and communications stocks could experience some sympathy interest. The fact is that there are plenty of moving parts that go into a space launch.

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You’ve got to consider the entire supply chain that ranges from the rocket itself to all of the monitoring technology going into the launch altogether. In this article, we’re going to take a look at several penny stocks to watch as the space race gets off the ground. Thanks to growing interest from Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and others, there could be a bright future ahead for many companies.

Will These Penny Stocks Skyrocket After The Blue Origin Rocket Launch?

  1. SuperCom (NASDAQ:SPCB)
  2. Datasea Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSS)
  3. Globalstar Inc. (NYSE:GSAT)


Communications systems are one of the more obvious necessities for aerospace applications. While SuperCom may not provide the Blue Origin rocket its products, it is in an industry that could gain traction thanks to new applications. Not only that, but security is one of the most important things to consider when dealing with aerospace events. You don’t want just anyone getting into the cockpit or space lab, obviously.

In the case of SuperCom, the company provides safety and identification solutions. The company’s solutions have been deployed across several industries, including governments and organizations in the public and private sectors. SuperCom has also worked to gain positioning in the cybersecurity sector. Its recent $5 million raise has been earmarked for corporate growth. In a statement last month, CEO Ordan Trabelsi said, “Numerous wins in government tenders displacing our competition, proprietary technology introducing new abilities and superior performance, and a growing need of nations to utilize electronic monitoring and cybersecurity technology have positioned us with an opportunity to scale up and grow our market share.”

This came after several recent contract wins with the Finnish government to deploy its PureSecurity monitoring for public safety and prison use. On top of this, SuperCom also secured a contract valued up to $4 million for a project in California.

Datasea Inc. (NASDAQ:DTSS)

Shares of Datasea have been on the rise for the last few weeks now. Though it isn’t part of the Blue Origin space launch, it could be on the radar thanks to its operating strategy. The company provides smart security and communications technology through its subsidiaries. Last week Datasea’s Shuhai Zhangxun Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed purchase and distribution agreements for 5G messaging cloud platform solutions.

The 5G MMCP product provides customer and prospect marketing. While marketing communications might not be a core focus for a company like Blue Origin, the broader sector could be a focus today. Communications technology is one of the fundamental necessities for various applications, and sympathy sentiment alone could be something to be mindful of ahead of this launch.

Globalstar Inc. (NYSE:GSAT)

One of the more clear-cut companies that could be in focus today is Globalstar. One of the reasons being that the company provides satellite solutions for its customers. Like most of the names on this list of penny stocks, Globalstar doesn’t directly connect to the Blue Origin rocket launch. However, sympathy sentiment for companies in related industries could be something to keep in mind, especially today.

The company serves a wide range of industries. These include transportation, government, maritime, and even outdoor recreation. Earlier this month, the company announced a new partnership with FocusPoint International. The company will offer crisis assistance services under the Global Overwatch & Rescue Plan to Globalstar customers. According to the company, its customers will now have access to a team of medical, security, and crises response specialists. Their focus will be on addressing incidents caused by “hazardous summer and winter sports” as well as natural disasters and even pandemics.

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In its press release, Globalstar CEO David Kagan said, “Many of our users partake in extreme sports and engage in higher than average travel frequency, making this offering a service that can help further improve our customers’ peace of mind. FocusPoint provides a comprehensive risk consulting service that is a great compliment to the connectivity we provide our customers.”

Will The Blue Origin Space Launch Send Penny Stocks Skyrocketing?

There is no “Blue Origin stock,” and Amazon’s connection to it is through Jeff Bezos. So investing in Blue Origin isn’t something you can do right now. However, as we’ve seen with plenty of major milestone events, sympathy sentiment sheds light on other industries. In this case, communications stocks might be ones to have on your watch list heading into the July 20th session.

Furthermore, after Monday’s plunge, S&P and Dow futures are pointing to a higher open on Tuesday. In light of all of this, the Blue Origin space launch could be one of the potentially bullish catalysts to watch in the stock market today for numerous stocks. In this case, communications could be some of the ones to watch early on.

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