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Making a Penny Stocks Watchlist for June? Check These Small-Caps Out

Finding penny stocks for June 2021? Take a look at these 3 first

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Top Penny Stocks for Your June 2021 Watchlist 

Penny stocks are beginning to heat back up right now. As we move into the month of June, it’s important to maintain a diverse and up-to-date penny stock watchlist. A watchlist is something that is organized in a way that allows you to look at penny stocks based on different variables.

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These categories can include different industry sectors such as tech, crypto, reopening, biotech, and a plethora of others. The benefit of watching different sectors is to see which areas have been seeing the most growth. Along with this, looking at individual stocks is just as important. 

Due to their high volatility and unpredictability, the long list of penny stocks tends to make sizable intraday movements. This is in use as an advantage for many investors in a strategy known as day trading. This reduces risk, as one is actively watching price movements instead of buying in and forgetting about it.

Long-term plays can also be considered, but typically, with penny stocks, short-term investing mitigates risk. In order to create a penny stocks watchlist, you first need to determine what kind of trader you are. How is your tolerance for uncertainty? 

Making a Penny Stocks Watchlist Right Now

Another thing to consider when making a June penny stocks watchlist is what sectors you’re interested in. Or, what specific stocks you know more about. Prior research on price movement, company financials, investor speculation, and futures is crucial.

By doing so, it helps you understand where the price trajectory may be headed. Most of this information can be found online or posted on the different news outlets.

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Up-to-date news is the last necessary component of penny stock trading once you’ve generated your watchlist. Due to the speculative nature of penny stocks, we tend to see large spikes and downturns based on recent news. Earnings, pipeline updates, and board changes are just a few of the topics you’ll want to keep an eye out for when considering investing. 

Another aspect to consider is that low volume can also make liquidity a challenge. So, know what price points you want to enter and exit at. All things considered, investing in penny stocks can be a very lucrative opportunity, but only if done correctly. In order to get you started with a June penny stock watchlist, here are three penny stocks to consider for next month.

Three Penny Stocks That Are Must Adds For Your June Watchlist

  1. Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ: FAMI)
  2. Enveric Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: ENVB)
  3. Centennial Resource Development Inc. (NASDAQ: CDEV)

Farmmi Inc. (NASDAQ: FAMI)

As a penny stock, Farmmi is known for its supplies and agricultural products. Its primary focus is on the production, processing, and distribution of edible fungi. This includes the Shiitake and Mu Er mushrooms, both very high-end products sold worldwide. As the pandemic comes to an end, and the international economy opens back up, the sale of these commodities could return to normal. 

Founded recently in 2003, FAMI is based in Lishui, China. It stated recently that it plans to grow into one of China’s most comprehensive service providers for high-quality agricultural products. It will do so by continuing to invest in storage facilities, which will expand its logistics network. As China’s digital economy grows, there could be a lot of profit in the e-commerce market. 

“As China’s economy has grown, the country’s agriculture industry has also continued to improve. Nevertheless, the industry still faces legacy inefficiencies such as transportation delays that lead to food waste, lagging information about customer needs that result in poor demand predictions and small profit margins in an industry that continues to rely heavily on labor.”

CEO of FAMI, Ms. Yefang Zhang

Considering these factors, will FAMI be on your June watchlist?

Enveric Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: ENVB)

Another penny stock to add to your watchlist is the biotech company, Enveric Biosciences. Our technology and medical industries continue to increase in their capabilities due to high levels of innovation and competition. This has been represented in the immense level of growth and funding seen in the last few years.

Enveric Biosciences is specifically in the novel cannabinoid market. Its patient-first biotechnology improves the quality of life for many, and specifically those suffering from cancer.

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ENVB does meticulous research and development, testing its cannabinoid medicines against side effects of different cancer therapies. It specifically focuses on improving ailments such as radiodermatitis. This is a commonly seen side effect that occurs post-radiation therapy or chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. 

Recently, ENVB announced that it has appointed a new Director of Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship at the Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center, Dr. Arash Asher. His interests focus on cancer rehab with the intention to restore patients to their maximal capacity and quality of life. He also stresses the importance of non-pharmacologic health management. 

“We believe that Dr. Asher’s decision to join Enveric’s Scientific Advisory Board gives the Company a significant advantage given his extensive time and expertise at Cedars-Sinai. Our mission at Enveric is focused on improving cancer patients’ quality of life through leveraging the power of cannabinoid medicines.

Dr. Asher’s deep knowledge of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy and more should help us achieve this goal of bringing safe, effective care to cancer patients who continue to suffer from their treatment side effects.” 

David Johnson, CEO of ENVB

While this may not seem like a large update, it is important for investors to consider as it can help the company to move forward. Considering this, is ENVS stock worth watching?

Centennial Resource Development Inc. (NASDAQ: CDEV)

Another penny stock to add to your June penny stock watchlist is Centennial Resource Development. This company currently operates in the oil and natural gas industry and has seen over 400% growth in the past 12 months. Its focus is on the research and development of unconventional oil and liquids found in the Permian Basin. The natural gas reserves there have been providing large quantities of energy for many years.

Founded in 2014, CDEV is based out of Denver, CO, with operations in the surrounding domestic territories. Natural gas and oil are still high in value and in demand which could be a driving factor with CDEV interest.

As we have seen this past year, there has been a tremendous increase in our need for these resources which has led to a corresponding increase in CDEV’s stock value. Given its rise, and our reliance on fossil fuels do you believe it could continue to grow in the coming months?

Is Trading Penny Stocks Worth It?

Trading penny stocks is not easy. It takes energy, research, and sometimes intuition. By generating a June penny stock watchlist, one can only help themselves. This allows for larger visualization of market trends and patterns that otherwise would not be seen. 

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Of course, looking at individual stocks is a part of investing, but because there are so many penny stocks to choose from, it’s important to filter down to the ones that show promise for growth. As we move into the month of June, and the economy reopens, there is a lot of hope riding on the future. This is the time to keep an eye out for the best penny stocks to buy.

By J. Samuel

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