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3 Hot Penny Stocks To Watch Before Looking At Blue Chips

3 Penny Stock To Watch In February

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Hot Penny Stocks To Watch Before Next Week

The interesting thing about penny stocks is that you can make money quickly with them. You also don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to do so. Take, for example, one of the penny stocks under $1 that we discuss frequently. Even a small move of just 10 or 20 cents equates to a percentage gain of 10-20% or more, depending on the price.

A $1,000 position in a $0.50 that climbs only 5 cents means you just made 10% on your money. That same $1,000 position in stocks like Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) or Peloton Interactive (NASDAQ: PTON), for instance, would need to move up quite significantly in the price for the same type of return. It would also take much longer to see that return.

Needless to say, different strategies for different types of market participants. Investors aren’t likely to look at high volatility stocks that move 50% or more in a single day. On the flip side, day traders aren’t likely to look at stocks that barely move 1% a day. In either case, the goal is always to make money in the market no matter what. How you do that is up to you. But, what I will say is that when you’re talking about penny stocks to buy, you’re likely looking to make money quickly by taking on some higher risk.

Heading into the last 10 days of the month, there’ve been a lot of shifts going on in the small-cap space. The biggest focus will be on the follow-through that these stocks seem to have lacked the last few days. Will that turn around soon? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, there are several hot penny stocks to watch, which have begun trending higher late in the week this week.

Hot Penny Stocks To Watch

  1. 9F Inc. (NASDAQ: JFU)
  2. Boxlight Corporation (NASDAQ: BOXL)
  3. Predictive Oncology Inc. (NASDAQ: POAI)

9F Inc.

If one group of tech stocks has been hot recently, it’s been ones with exposure to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Really, most digital finance or “FinTech” stocks have been on the radar for traders ever since the pandemic began showing up on newsfeeds. The idea behind this is that contactless payment systems and ecosystems will be better suited for a world where social distancing may become a norm. In this light, we’ve seen many stocks in the banking sector take off after releasing updates on a more contact-free option for clients.

In the case of 9F, the company specializes in technology services for the finance industry itself. Think of it like a “pick and shovel” type company. Recently 9F upgraded and rebranded its online stock brokerage business to Fuyuan Securities. It’s a licensed brokerage in Hong Kong offering offshore stock investment products providing investors with access to stock trading opportunities in Hong Kong and the U.S. This is done through its digital brokerage and wealth management platform.

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Obviously, to surge of interest in the stock market over the last 12 months has boosted the need for more access. In this light, 9F could benefit from the uptick in new traders looking to gain exposure to this recent bull market. Also, you can’t forget the blockchain tech side of the company. Last year, 9F launched its “Superbrain” platform. It uses AI, cloud, and blockchain technologies providing financial institutions and merchant partners with a customized modularized service package. Thanks to the additional interest in the tech behind cryptocurrency transactions (blockchain), certain stocks, including JFU, have gained some appeal.

Boxlight Corporation

Another one of the tech stocks we’ve followed for a while now is Boxlight Corporation. Initially, the penny stock hit the radar when virtual learning became a big discussion topic last year. The need for digital classes and any means of avoiding in-person classes came to light. This company offers virtual education products, and one of the biggest breakthroughs came with its acquisition of Sahara Presentation Systems PLC for $94.9 million. The deal expanded Boxlight’s reach and has been expected to generate more than $100 million in sales.

Fast-forward a bit, and Boxlight has continued its expansionary efforts. The company recently finished rolling out its first phase of Clevertouch interactive screens in Texas. Clevertouch IMPACT Plus panel products were also installed in a Colorado school district estimated to generate roughly $400,000 in revenue for the company. Boxlight’s products have also gained international exposure with the recent installation of IMPACT Plus screens at The Ridgeway School in the U.K.

Pandemic headlines may be softening, but case numbers are still a huge issue for states. What’s more, online school benefits in many locations have firmed up a new option in some cities. “Historically, a teacher would be teaching six periods a day. If [online] kids are enrolled in one class, that teacher may teach two or three classes a day. And that opens up the rest of the time to have appointments for parents, appointments to work one on one with a student,” explained Spencer Campbell, a former teacher, and principal of the Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle School.

Schools in Minnesota recently fast-tracked plans for permanent online learning options. Meanwhile, other schools like Fort Caroline Middle in Florida are moving back online due to increases in virus cases. There are many different angles to look at online learning where stocks like BOXL could become focus.

Predictive Oncology Inc.

Finally, what list of hot penny stocks would be complete without at least one biotechnology company. Predictive Oncology shares went red to green just before the lunch hour on Thursday. POAI stock dripped to early lows of $1.86 from an open of $1.92 then ended up rallying above the $2 mark.

The initial attention on the company came after early news of its latest financing efforts. Predictive announced a $17.6 million private placement at $1.95 a share. Considering that this was right around its opening price, the market seems to have taken this in stride. The company said it would use up to $5.88 million of the proceeds to repay certain indebtedness. The remainder of the net proceeds are earmarked for corporate purposes. This latest funding round adds to a series of raises that the company has done over the last few months.

One of the things that traders have been watching with Predictive is the company’s subsidiaries. These include Helomics, TumorGenesis, Skyline Medical, and Soluble Biotech. The company utilizes things like artificial intelligence to personalize medicine and discover new drugs. This month, Predictive’s Helomics, announced it would commence a new drug repurposing project targeting ovarian cancer and using its PeDAL discovery platform. The goal is for PeDAL to identify existing drugs and compare them to different patient cell lines to generate data on potential compounds and their effectiveness.

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“Our expectations are that the project will have significant value by generating proof data for our PeDAL approach, which will be useful in our commercial discussions with Pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the project will also demonstrate the long-term value of Helomics unique data,” explained Dr. Carl Schwartz, CEO of Predictive Oncology.

Final Thoughts On Penny Stocks

Don’t forget that as exciting as penny stocks can be, the risk is always something to factor in. Have a game plan before you look for penny stocks to buy and set proper profit targets. Also, have an idea of where to cut out of trades if they turn negative on you. The goal is to maximize gains while minimizing losses, IE, keep losses small.

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