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These Penny Stocks On Robinhood Are Outperforming Blue Chips In 2020

These Penny Stocks Are Outpacing Blue Chips Right Now

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3 Robinhood Penny Stocks To Watch This Year

Blue chips are great but nothing compares to penny stocks. To put the two in the same setting is a bit confusing. For one, penny stocks are more actively day traded than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, there are cases where investing in penny stocks can truly pay off. We’ve seen that first hand with several of the stocks under $5 that hit it big this year. Furthermore, one of the most popular platforms for trading penny stocks is Robinhood. The mobile-first broker has attracted millions of new clients this year. The pandemic and stay at home orders have helped that a bit too.

When you talk about penny stocks on Robinhood or any other broker, these stocks are built for speed. Saying that one is “better than the other” – penny stocks versus blue chip stocks – is a bit misleading. Would you invest in Hertz Car Rental right now? The majority of those who even have HTZ on their list of penny stocks are usually trading it. The penny stock has been in a sideways trend ever since its bankruptcy reports. However, its trading channel has brought plenty of short-term price spikes to trade from in my opinion. Small fluctuations in price can equate to a 20% move or more.

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On the other hand, when you consider something like Amazon or Disney, small fluctuations in price don’t amount to much. Over the longer term, however, you can experience less volatile trends and in many cases, dividends on your investment. Do people trade blue chip stocks? Of course, but when you talk about things like penny stocks vs these blue chips, it’s like comparing apples to rubber tires. So if you’re more inclined to a bit more risk, penny stocks could be the flavor of the day. With this in mind, here are a few penny stocks on Robinhood gaining some ground this week.

Penny Stocks On Robinhood To Watch: Party City Holdco Inc.

Party City Holdco Inc. (PRTY Stock Report) has become one of the more consistent performing penny stocks this year. After the broader March sell-a-thon than stocks went through, PRTY has been one of the top penny stocks to watch. It hasn’t experienced the save parabolic moves as some of the other stocks under $5.

However, it has remained is a very strong and clear uptrend for months. The initial move began in early April as PRTY stock was finding its new home under $1. After beginning to pick up on it in May, this penny stock is a force to reckon with. During the period between May 26th to this week, PRTY stock is up over 360%. It has not only attracted retail traders, but institutions are taking a stake as well.

If you look at Party City’s filings, you’ll see this. In August, value investor Clifford Sosin added to his growing position in PRTY stock. He purchased over 1.6 million shares during that period. Sosin runs CAS Investment Partners, which has a reported market value as of Q2 of just under $1 billion according to Whale Wisdom. Aside from Sosin, Norman Matthews, Party City’s Chairman, purchased 250,000 shares of PRTY stock at an average price of $2. September saw this trend continue as company directors have also piled inot PRTY stock in the open market.

This time of year is a big focus for the company. It’s not the election but Halloween that is at the center. As one of the historically busiest periods for Party City, will the pandemic negatively or positively impact the market? Needless to say, in the short period of May to September, PRTY stock has far outpaced many of its blue-chip peers.

Penny Stocks On Robinhood To Watch: Peabody Energy Co

This year, Peabody Energy Co (BTU Stock Report) like most energy stocks fell victim to pressures of the pandemic. However, over the last month or so, BTU has become one of the top penny stocks to watch on Robinhood. This comes amid a resurgence of bullishness in many energy names in the second half of the third quarter. It was one of the penny stocks to watch this week after a big volume spike sent shares to new Q3 highs.

The coal company had obviously come under fire during bouts of concern related to environmental protection. However, a recent initiative by the Trump administration may have cut some of the red tape for coal companies. In August, right aroudn the time BTU stock began trending, President Trump lifted an Obama-era regulation on methane. We have also seen coal producers surge after Fastmarkets MB reported that seaborne premium prices rose sharply after Chinese market participants returned to the market and added momentum to spot trading activity.

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“The transaction today is a positive sign, showing that Chinese demand will come back. It adds a real impetus to the spot market,” a Singapore-based trader told Fastmarkets MB. Friday’s activity continued pushing the upper limits of BTU stock’s recent trend.

Penny Stocks On Robinhood To Watch: Evogene Ltd.

Evogene Ltd. (EVGN Stock Report) hit fresh 2020 highs on Friday morning. It has now made a year-to-date climb of 93%. Since March lows, the penny stock is up over 320%. This doesn’t compare to blue chip stocks like Cisco (down 16% YTD) or even Gilead, which is flat from the start of 2020.

This year, EVGN stock has been a top performer. The bigger surge, however, came most recently this quarter. We saw momentum building during the second half of August and at the beginning of September, began following a bit more closely. Not only has EVGN stock climbed 125% over the last 30 days, it’s also up 55% for September, alone.

At the start of the month, Evogene announced that it entered into a definitive agreement with ARK Investment Management, LLC and Alpha Capital Anstalt in connection with a registered direct offering of $10 million. ARK Invest is a leading technology investment firm, specializing in thematic investing in disruptive innovation. It will invest $7 million and Alpha Capital Anstalt will invest $3 million.

Furthermore, Evogene recently reported positive pre-clinical results in a study of its BMC128. The company found that alone and in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors, BMC128 showed “significant improved” anti-tumor activity in mice. With a clear focus on oncology stocks after Gilead’s $21 billion acquisition of Immunomedics, will EVGN stay on your list of penny stocks to watch this month?

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