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Putting Together Your List Of Penny Stocks To Watch? 3 To Know, Now

A Quick List Of Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now

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A Penny Stocks List For September

Should your list of penny stocks include hundreds of names? Honestly, when you’re putting together a watch list, you should keep a few things in mind. First, buying shares of every stock on that list isn’t efficient. You want to stay focused. Find penny stocks to buy that have consistent volume.

At that, make sure this volume is large enough to accommodate your trade size. If you generally trade penny stocks with a $10,000 position, for instance, it wouldn’t make sense to have a stock on your list that only trades $5,000 per day. There’s a good chance you’d get stuck in that trade for longer than you might initially expect.

How To Make A List Of Penny Stocks

Next, focus on your reasoning for adding these names to your penny stocks list. Are you adding these because of a chart set-up? Did these companies just or are about to announce a planned update? Things like earnings or trial results tend to get announced prior to the official release date.

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On the other hand, maybe you’re searching for unusual volume or high volume penny stocks. Whatever the case may be, you’ll start with a longer list, and then it’s time to boil that down. Here’s where research comes into play. Now, for the scalpers and momentum traders out there, your timeframe is much shorter than that of swing traders or those investing in penny stocks. So your list might be limited based on the timing of your trade.

For those who’re looking longer term, I.E. a day, week, weeks, etc., taking time to do research is key. Sift through filings, look for cues from old press releases, and take a look at what is being discussed online. Each step will see some names on your penny stocks list fall off, ultimately leaving you with your prime candidates. Heading into the long weekend, you’ll have plenty of time to research for next week. Will any of these names be on your list of penny stocks for Tuesday?

Penny Stocks To Watch #1: Leap Therapeutics Inc.

First on the list of penny stocks to watch is Leap Therapeutics Inc. (LPTX Stock Report). It’s one of the lower volume names however, some unusual volume on Friday has stoked some attention. Without any news or filings to speak of, this trading volume seemingly came out of nowhere. LPTX stock also saw a jump in price of roughly 10% as well.

In its last press release, Leap announced the addition of two people to its leadership team. These included new VP’s and Heads of Translational Medicine as well as a Regulatory Affairs & Quality. Aside from that, much of the discussion has centered around the company’s last earnings report. In mid-August, the company saw EPS jump yes over year from a $0.37 loss to a $0.12 loss this quarter. It also reported $375,000 in sales.

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Something discussed in that update by Douglas E. Onsi, President and Chief Executive Officer was the company’s DKN-01 development progress. The company partnered with BeiGene and the two are expecting to dose the first patient this quarter. DKN-01 is the company’s cancer treatment and will be combined with tislelizumab, BeiGene’s antibody.

“DKN-01 continues to show potential to treat multiple biomarker-defined cancers, as both a single agent and in combination with chemotherapy or anti-PD-1 therapies. We are excited about the promise of this program and, with the proceeds from our recent public offering, are well funded to drive development forward.”

Leap previously announced that the FDA granted the company Orphan Drug Designation for DKN-01 for the treatment of gastric and gastroesophageal junction cancer. Considering that this is the final month of the quarter, is this a speculative bet on that piece of info?

Penny Stocks To Watch #2: Check-Cap Ltd.

Another one of the penny stocks that experienced some “interesting trading” on Friday was Check-Cap Ltd. (CHEK Stock Report). During the month of August, CHEK stock’s highest trading volume day was around 9 million shares. Over the last two weeks, CHECK stock never saw more than 2.4 million shares trade hands. CHEK stock traded more than 15.2 million shares on September 4th. Similar to LPTX, Check-Cap didn’t have any new updates or filings to speak of.

The company itself focuses on advancing the developments of its C-Scan product. This is a screening test aimed at detecting polyps before they transform into colorectal cancer. Despite not having much news, we can look back at the company’s August earnings release to pick out some clues or items to note this month. The company has an ongoing collection of clinical data in Israel which was suspended due to COVID. As of the quarterly update, Check-Cap said that this has resumed.

This biggest thing is the company’s development timeline and plans to submit an Investigational Device Exemption with the FDA. The company aims to have this done by the end of the year with a U.S. pivotal case study set for next year. Something important to note, however, is that the majority of its press has announced new funding rounds for the company. If CHEK stock is on your radar right now, it’s important to note that dilution risk could be a factor to keep in mind.

Penny Stocks To Watch #3: Zovio Inc.

If there’s been one thing that has taken center stage recently it’s how the economy will reopen. Will we get back to normal and what will that look like? Zovio Inc. (ZVO Stock Report) may have found itself right in the middle of this discussion. The company is an education technology services company. It partners with higher education institutions and employers to deliver Zovio’s solutions. The company’s network includes Fullstack Academy, TutorMe, and Learn@Forbes.

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Last month, Zovio signed a definitive agreement to sell Ashford University to a newly formed non-profit named The University of Arizona Global Campus. Through the deal, Zovio will stay on, providing its solutions under a Strategic Services Agreement. Just a few weeks ago, Zovio followed up with news on its Fullstack Academy. Fullstack will expand its “Live Online” boot camps through a partnership with the University of Oklahoma. The specific focus is on coding and cybersecurity education. Emory University has also partnered with Fullstack for similar programs in Atlanta.

While the start of September hasn’t been stellar, Friday’s activity was particularly interesting. After dipping to lows of $3.76 in the morning, ZVO stock ended up bouncing back as much as 25% before the closing bell. What’s more is that the penny stock experienced one of its highest share volume days in nearly a month. Though there hasn’t been any new updates from the company, analysts seem to have remained bullish on Zovio. Barrington Research lifted its rating from Sell all the way to Outperform in August. It also boosted its price target from $8 to $10.

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