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Are These 3 Penny Stocks On Your Watch List Right Now?

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3 Penny Stocks Turning Heads This Week

When it comes to stocks trading under $5, or penny stocks, you really need to have a good handle on your personal risk tolerance. I’m not talking about how you play the lottery and handle yourself at a slot machine. I’m talking about investing right now. If you wouldn’t blindly buy a piece of property without researching it, first, why would you buy penny stocks that way?

The short answer is because it’s easy and doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money to do so. But the fact of the matter is this: if you learn how to buy penny stocks, you can start investing like a professional trader instead of passively “betting” on the market.

Instead of “trying out penny stocks” with $50 or $100, you may start feeling comfortable trading penny stocks with larger sums. The main difference is education and understanding exactly how and why you’re looking at specific penny stocks to buy. It’s important now more than ever to know how to navigate volatility in the markets. That’s especially true considering the current market right now.

We not only need to consider headline risk from the constant coverage on coronavirus stocks. You’ve also got to consider the fundamentals and cyclic trends in the market. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some penny stocks making moves this week.

Penny Stocks To Watch #1: Novan Inc.

Novan Inc. (NOVN-Free Report) extended gains even further on Tuesday, reaching premarket highs of $1.15. The recent surge in the market came after the FDA reported a new study on nitric oxide inhalers as a potential treatment for COVID-19. I know we’ve been discussing NOVN stock for a few weeks now and basing things on speculation. But the fact of the matter is that delivery method for other treatments – in this case Novan’s molluscum contagiosum treatment – can have indications for other diseases; I.E. coronavirus.

This is the beauty of biotech penny stocks. While there are targets for treatments, there are usually off-shoots of treatment options. Novan appears to have benefitted from exactly that. The company’s engaged in developing therapies based on nitric oxide for treating dermatology and oncovirus related diseases. At the end of the day, readers have been able to follow this progress for most of March.

Now, will Novan come out and directly address this as one of its potential treatment options? That will be interesting to see in my opinion. But for now, at least we see the FDA has taken steps to investigate the potential application of a similar treatment option that Novan is already testing for other indications.

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Penny Stocks To Watch #2: Safe-T Group Ltd.

One of the beaten-down penny stocks that may finally start to have gotten some love this week is Safe-T Group Ltd. (SFET-Free Report). What’s the reasoning? Well, after hitting fresh 52-week lows on March 9, the company has come out and announced something that is becoming all-too-popular. I bet you can’t guess it. Safe-T announced something related to coronavirus.

At this point, we’re seeing countless companies report even minuscule updates relating to the hottest virus since Ebola. What could a cloud company possibly have to do with coronavirus? According to Safe-T Group, the company is offering 3 months free of remote access service for affected organizations across the world. Think of it as a way to mitigate the losses some companies could encounter from the blowback of the virus.

“As a technology innovator, Safe-T has always looked for ways to help organizations secure access to their resources. We are the first vendor to recognize that we can utilize our technologies to help organizations deal with the reality of the coronavirus outbreak and maintain ongoing activity by providing their employees with remote access to corporate resources,” said Shachar Daniel, CEO of Safe-T. With updates like this, it’s important to note that Safe-T is giving away services for free.

It isn’t anything to do with a cure for the disease, advancement of a potential vaccine, nor an immediate revenue driver for the company. Will they use the free access as a way to entice renewals in exchange for money after the 3 month period? All good points to consider if SFET stock is on your list of penny stocks right now.

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Penny Stocks To Watch #3: Agenus Inc.

Agenus Inc. (AGEN-Free Report) is another immuno-oncology company focused on immune-response treatments. On March 10, the company announced that the first milestone payment from HealthCare Royalty Partners was triggered. This is a $15.1 million payment and based on GlaxoSmithKline’s Shingrix vaccine used to treat shingles. It exceeded $2 billion in 2019. It actually did $2.3 billion in its second year after launching.

Agenus’ proprietary QS-21 Stimulon™ is a key component in GSK’s Shingrix vaccine. The company is due another milestone payment to the tune of $25.5 million. That’s if Shingrix net sales exceed $2.75 billion over 4 consecutive quarters. But this needs to be done prior to 2026.

While this is no coronvirus-related headline, it is nice to see that market still reacts positively to other news. Agenus is also expected to report 4th quarter and full-year r2019 financial results this week (March 12). So, this will be something to keep in mind if AGEN stock in on your list of penny stocks to watch right now.

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By J. Samuel

As a trader and expert finance writer, I enjoy finding new and emerging trends that may have been overlooked by the average masses. If there's one thing that a trader or investor wants to know, it's how to use valuable data to their advantage. My expertise is in uncovering this data and compiling it into actionable information. As a professional finance writer, I've contributed to many of the top finance platforms and pride myself on researching factual, publicly available information and using that in all of my articles.

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