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Things To Consider When Investing in Mining Penny Stocks

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There’s quite a bit to understand when investing in a company. There’s to recognize when investing in mining stocks. Of course, there are pros and cons to investing in mining stocks. But at the end of the day, the mining industry represents a crucial part of making our existence possible.

Last year, alone, mining stocks accounted for over 45% of the global GDP. It’s fair to assume that investing in mining stocks could be a safe choice. Having said that, it’s important to understand what it means to invest in these stocks. 

Gold Mining Stocks

A significant majority of mining stocks trade for very little per share hence making them penny stocks. When buying penny stocks, as with any stock, investors want to know what they’re getting involved with. One of the most sought-after mining stocks are those companies working to unearth gold. You know what gold is, that shiny yellow rock that we use as a metric for the value of everything on our planet. 

Few investors realize the potential of continuing to invest in gold. What’s truly interesting about gold is that, even during a recession, people will spend money to buy gold and buy gold stocks as well. That is largely because gold will usually increase in value regardless of how the rest of the market is performing. Because gold represents the global benchmark for value, investing in a mining stock like this is something that may never go out of style. 

Heavy Metal 

Investing in mining penny stocks means understanding that there are myriad types of metal trading on the market. Of all the mining stocks currently available to investors, cobalt stocks are one of the more unpredictable metals. Historically, cobalt’s value tends to fluctuate on an unpredictable basis, resulting in countless investors fascinated by the stock’s movement.

Cobalt stocks, lithium stocks, and graphite stocks are said to jump in value over the course of 2019 according to recent reports. These metals are used to manufacture much of the world’s technology. Unless people stop using phones and computers, these mining stocks could be a huge opportunity. 

Platinum Mining Stocks

Every investor worth their weight in metal knows that investing in mining stocks follows a pecking order in terms of which metals people focus on. Clearly, everyone does what they need to invest in gold stocks, but people often forget about investing in platinum stocks. Aside from being one of the most precious metals on the planet and a moniker for success in the music business, people aren’t fully aware of the value connected to platinum. Like investing in penny stocks, platinum is something that should be well-researched before investing. Seventy percent of the world’s platinum supply resides beneath Africa. There aren’t many mining companies that unearth platinum which could signal first-mover-advantages for those interested. 

By J. Phillip

I stay on the cutting edge of industry and enjoy finding out about new companies that major outlets and funds haven't heard of (yet). Most of the time you can find me deep in the corporate filings, focusing on fundamentals that could be behind the next big move in certain stock.

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