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Best Penny Stocks To Watch In April 2020: This One’s Up 97%

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Gold Penny Stocks Have Been On Fire; None More Than This One

While April has been a big month for precious metals, gold penny stocks have taken center stage. None have captivated so much attention as much as IMC International Mining (OTC: IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX). Since the start of April, it has been one of the top gold penny stocks to watch not only as a stock but also as a gold exploration company.

When we first alerted IMC International Mining (OTC: IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX), it was around $0.36USD/$0.475CAD. And for anyone keeping track at home, IMC just hit a brand-new, all-time high on Friday. In our opinion, this wasn’t by chance, just look at some of the key developments we’ve been able to witness first-hand:

The rate at which the company is moving is in line with what IMC Chairman Greg Hawkins outlined in a previous conference call. His goal was to begin exploration by May and drilling before the end of the year.

Timing Is Everything

While the market waits for results, IMC International Mining (OTC: IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX) has wasted no time preparing for the next phases. It’s positioned itself to secure millions in cash to conduct its exploration programs. Where some updates on financing may see some negative sentiment, this latest news did the exact opposite.

Combined with the major progress already being made, IMC International stock hit record highs on Friday. In Canada, IMCX Hit $0.94 and IMIMF in the US hit $0.71. The run so far as now reached 97%! But the fact that there is still so much left to see gives reason enough to continue watching the company for its next updates. IMC still needs to report lab results and the market still needs to see what kind of next steps will be taken depending on those results.

The company has done a good job of communicating with the public thus far. Considering how hot the gold sector is this year, overall, small-cap gold stocks continue to shine with IMC International following suit. Heading into the new week, these are a few things to keep in mind especially since new economic data is due and could lead way for more uncertainty and a further flight to safe havens like gold.

Why IMC International Mining Corp

  1. The global economic situation is supportive of a bullish gold market & gold prices are soaring
  2. During times of gold rallies, gold penny stocks tend to outperform the rest of the sector
  3. IMC International Mining (OTC: IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX) has just completed its multi-million dollar Thane Minerals acquisition
  4. IMC International Mining (OTC: IMIMF) (CSE:IMCX) is now awaiting results from over 460 samples submitted for lab testing
  5. Incoming Chairman, Greg Hawkins doesn’t put his stamp of approval on just any property. Not only does he have decades of experience, but he has also built companies that were part of at least 4 major mining company acquisitions that were collectively worth more than $2 billion in deal size.

We were asked for a stock alert and so far IMC International continues to reach new milestones. What’s next?

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